Step By Step Turtorial For Soft Smokey Eye Look By Professional Makeup Artist


Have anyone asked anyone what’s the most beautiful feature of their face? I am sure other person will mostly say ‘eyes’, as it is the most attractive feature of most of the people. So it’s important to treasure and flourish them, the beauty professional of the IMB has come up with trendy soft smokey eye makeup which is huge in demand and craze nowadays, among youngsters. This style of eye shadow is perfect for giving you hot night party look. So here makeup artist in Lucknow is enlightening us about soft smokey eyes and steps to attain that:

Makeup Products You Need For Your Eye Makeup:

Nude Eye-shadow

Brown Eye-shadow

Black Eye-shadow

Flat Eye-shadow Brush

Black Eyeliner


Procedure For Gaining Smokey Eyes:

  • I am sure you would want to give longer stay to your makeup with a perfect finish, for this, it’s important to use a primer before eye makeup for setting perfect base for it.
  • Now at the next step, you perfectly draw the lines on your upper and lower eyelash.
  • Now its time to use soft brown eyeshadow, at this step with the help of flat eyeshadow brush, skillfully cover up the upper eyelid and lower lash line, elongating the corners of the outer corners.
  • At the third step, again embellish the outer corners of the eye with the help of black eyeshadow and blend it well, in a way to grasp the real smokey look.
  • Now at the last step, for giving the perfect finish to your eyes, jazz your eyes with mascara. Firstly apply the single coat and after drying of the first coat, apply the second one, for adding the more beauty to your eyelash.

Through these steps, you would perfectly gain the eye look, which you want.

Turn Your Dreamy Bridal Look Into Reality By Isha Shukla


When you are bride its very common to have some pinterest research in order to have everything at your wedding straight out of our dreams. While having the astonishing look of the bride, I become simply greedy to have a such bridal look on my wedding. Then I looked up for a beauty professional who could render me such outstanding bridal look.

Then, after my immense but disappointed search, I came to know about IMB beauty salon through my friend and she really praises them a lot. After visiting their salon, I was really surprised with their work (in a good way!) they simply changed the appearance of the person with their creative art. When I asked her whether she could render me a particular look, it was the confidence of the makeup artist in Lucknow, that moved me. She instantly said yes and given me a trial session and the result of that has been just unbelievable. With tremendously practiced and creative hands beauty professional exactly copied the look on my face, which I couldn’t have at any other beauty salon. Beauty professional  glamorizes my eyes with glittering eye shadow and perfectly drawn liner on my upper lash. Not only this, my cured alluring lashes were adding lots of drama on my beautiful eye makeup done by professional makeup artist. Cherry colored lipstick which magnificently matched with my bridal outfit, levels up my bridal makeup.

I was deeply impressed with the makeup skills and its understanding of Ms. Isha Sharma. Her immense passion towards her profession has led her to perfection in her beauty art, which could be experienced only by getting served by her. If you also want to turn yourself into such an amazing bride, book IMB now.

Tips To Pamper Your Body Post-Wedding By Beauty Professional


Now when the wedding madness is over, it’s time for a bride to relax and rejuvenate herself for the new beginning ahead. As beauty professionals, we really well know, for being a bride you had gone through so much, lots of beauty sessions, chemical treatments for styling your hair, but it’s time to relieve yourself.

Beauty professionals of IMB, really well aware that now after having numerous of pre-bridal sessions you surely wouldn’t want to have any sessions further but you surely could treat yourself with some reviving beauty activities. Professionals of best bridal makeup in Lucknow are here pointing the ways through which a bride could revive herself post wedding:

Revitalize Your Hairs:

After several styling sessions, it’s time to nourish your hairs and provide them with proper care and conditioning. You can try on some hair mask in accordance with your hair type, oiling, cleanse and conditioning process in order to rejuvenate your hair and provide them with the proper conditioning, which they have lost due to chemical treatment and hair styling.

Provide Proper Breathing To Your Skin Pores:

As I already said, being a bride isn’t a cake walk! Your facial skin must be plugged with layers of makeup all your wedding and other function days, but now it’s time to provide your skin some breathing. Clean your facial skin, do the scrubbing and apply the face pack/mask for providing the proper nourishment and breathing to your skin pores.

Give Your Eyes Some Care:

Not only your facial skin, but also your eyes had also been decorated with chemically made beauty products which definitely have harmed your eyes. So, you could provide them some care and nourishment with eye cream.

Following all these steps, you surely wouldn’t be stressed out and would relieve your body for providing proper care and nourishment.

Charming Corporate Look, Perfectly Depicting My Personality Given By Beauty Professional

makeup (1)

It’s said that first impression of the person lays a great impact on the other person’s mind. So people should always be careful about their appearance and verbal ability, especially in this corporate age where people’s appearance and attitude plays the major role. Holding these things in mind, I looked up for beauty professionals who are know all and every type of makeup, especially makeup for the corporate look as I was going to present my presentation in one of the prodigious business houses.

After meeting and discussing my desire with one of the makeup artists of this salon, I was fully convenience with her ability and makeup knowledge. As a makeup artist in Lucknow, she fully understands my requirement and jazzed my look with flawless corporate look. She straighten up my curly hairs and then she moisturize my skin with a tinted moisturizer. After this, she jazzed my eyes with a neutral shade of eye shadow as shimmer doesn’t suit in such occasions with little amount of eyeliner and flawless brown colored lip balm. While rendering me the corporate look, she perfectly depicted my competence, neatness and pays attention to every detail through her flawless beauty skills. She provided me a perfect look in which not only I was much more comfortable,  but the look was clearly representing my personality too.

The whole procedure was so fluent and trouble free, and being an expert, she didn’t take much time during the whole process after a few minutes I was all ready for the presentation with confidence, as when you look better your confidence also levels up. So if you are looking for such a beauty expert, Isha Makes You Beautiful (IMB) is here for you all, book your appointment, right now.

Makeup Tips For Dusky Brides By Beauty Professionals

Dusky Brides

Weddings give us a window to celebrate our beauty and jazz all of us in beautiful ethnic or modern dressing. Brides are no different on such a special day, they want to look and dress their best, spruce-up the best – they want everything just to be perfect right from wedding arrangements to their bridal dress or makeup. When we talk about makeup, its application techniques differ from person to person, depending upon skin color, texture and facial structure.

Beauty professionals of IMB have observed that there are numerous of brides who are worried about their dark skin on their wedding day. But let me tell you all that their skin color doesn’t matter, all what matters is how efficiently you have carried yourself and how flawlessly you are dressed up. Makeup artist in Lucknow is here to remove all the concerns of the dark-skinned girls and assure them of the embellishing look on their wedding day through their exclusive bridal look tips:

  • If you are thinking to whiten your skin on your wedding day, then you must not do such thing on your wedding day as it will only hamper your beautiful look and will turn your look into unnatural one. So let your makeup artist apply the makeup foundation which suits your skin the most. Beauty professionals of IMB flourish their brides keeping this thing in mind.
  • It’s not that everyone has the beautiful eyelashes, so fake lash application becomes necessary, but every professional makeup artist in Lucknow isn’t much efficient in applying eyelashes as artificial eyelashes should be put in a way that they are undetectable. Alluring eyelashes with mascara is a better option than setting up a fake eyelash, and that too not so efficiently.
  • Contouring is a significant process while makeup application and shouldn’t be missed out as this brings the new dimension to your face as its not only about skin color but a bride could spread her charisma with her facial structure too. The thing is that contouring should also be provided in accordance with facial structure.
  • Don’t forget that healthy skin will help your skin and add a new glow and shine to it, so keep yourself hydrated and your diet healthy. A healthy eating and proper hydration would be more effective if you combine it with regular workouts.
  • Apart from healthy eating and hydrating you should also stick to regular cleans, serum application and moisturizing your face.
  • It is advisable from many beauty salons to the bride, to keep them away from the sun, but beauty professionals of this salon advised you all that you must cherish your body with early morning sunlight as it really healthy for our skin but you must not forget to apply sunscreen.

All these tips will definitely help you in flaunting your skin and will surely doll you up on your wedding day.

Significance Of Bridal Makeup For Any Bride


For each lady, her marriage is just about the most imperative occasion in as long as she can remember, so looking best on that exceptional day is the desire of every single lady. Be that as it may, in the prior circumstances, the family, relatives and dear companions of the lady of the hour helped in prepping her with her make-up, clothing, trimmings, and so on. Be that as it may, right now, the activity of marriage cosmetics is frequently given over to the make-up specialists alongside the wedding outfits and lady of the hour’s haircut.

You have to scan for a best bridal makeup in Lucknow a little while before your big day, with the goal that you could have a full examination of your face and skin. This will help the craftsman to give the best makeup. One who looks at your skin is a decent craftsman, and she can pose a couple of essential inquiries preceding picking the makeup systems. In a couple of cases it has been seen that the general population contact makeup artist late or totally close about marriage, yet they have to comprehend the estimation of the day and must planned day and time as much as soon conceivable else your most loved cosmetics craftsman can be occupied elsewhere.

Moreover, the cosmetics craftsman can likewise try out different corrective items to your skin as this will help her to choose the correct make-up items for the big day. Additionally, the craftsman will without question give the treatment as portrayed by your skin shape. She will influence your skin to prepared for your wedding, and trust you will look stunning.

You should demonstrate your wedding set of dresses alongside other adornments which you will wear on your wedding service to make-up craftsman. It will help her to pick the best hairdo. She will utilize numerous cosmetic methods for you to influence you to look the best. A talented, proficient and experienced makeup artist expands basic preparing to give the best highlights to your skin. She sees how to feature the unmistakable highlights and concealing the defects of your skin. Events, for example, wedding are not for consistency, so the lady of the hour must look the exquisite on this event and everything ought to be so uncommon for her, so does her makeup.

Invision Your Personality With IMB Pro


Regardless of whether you are a makeup fixated or cosmetics uninterested, you should wear cosmetics in light of the fact that there is some persuading motivation to have it-A key advantage of utilizing cosmetics is that one can right away place herself in a decent soul. The way toward putting on cosmetics and the sentiment looking more set up together and cleaned.

IMB Pro makeup the best bridal makeup in Lucknow have most prominent accumulations of works that give your identity a one of a kind look. Inside your financial plan, one can without much of a stretch get herself alright with the workings of IMB genius. You don’t need to ponder cash. IMB ace puts exertion on makeup customization that can be adjusted to the person’s necessities.


IMB pro makeup specialists accompany many administrations like magnificence, hair-styling, cosmetics, male preparing and so on which conveys to your identity. You will effortlessly persuade when you come to know you are having excellence medicines with outstanding amongst other makeup specialists.

The Location has its another preference. You are not going to a long way from getting its administrations. It’s arranged in one of the finest areas in Lucknow-Gomti Nagar. IMB Pro weights on the necessities of their customers, which in wording get back to a positive input from their customers and their work dependably closes with an entire fulfillment with their administrations when you are leaving the salon. In the event that you are extremely inspired by upgrading your magnificence, at that point you should visit to the IMB expert for a wide range of excellent benefit.

Must Know How To Make Your Face Picture Perfect

woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face

You realize that minute when you annoyingly ask whoever is taking a photo to retake it since you don’t care for what you look like in it? That will never again be you, on account of these tips from a best cosmetics craftsman and picture taker that’ll help make you more photogenic in a glimmer.

1. Apply your eye makeup first so stray eyeshadow doesn’t foul up your establishment – Doing your eye cosmetics before you apply your establishment enables your skin to look it’s freshest, since you can wipe away any eye shadow or mascara deposit that falls onto your cheeks without a flaw. “Simply recall that less is ideal, so begin with a delicately shaded shadow and afterward expand on that to make sure you don’t have any significant bearing excessively. Overcompensating your cosmetics can in a split second influence you to look more established, all things considered, and particularly in photographs.”

2. Line the upper internal edge of your eye – In the event that you truly need a characterized eye, follow the upper internal edge of your eye with a waterproof eyeliner to influence your lashes to look that substantially more fully, and to help characterize the state of your eye,”.

3. Add parts and bunches of mascara – After you’ve connected your shadow and liner of decision, swipe on a couple of layers of mascara,” states Eisdell. “Wearing loads of it opens up the eye and conveys center to it; in the event that you don’t have on any mascara in a photo, you’ll vanish.” A sure fire approach to apply it, says makeup artist in Lucknow, is to “flicker down onto the brush head, so it gets truly near the lash line, and afterward squirm it to the end of your lashes. This procedure truly coats them from root to tip.”

4. Put establishment on your ears –In case you’re somebody whose ears get hot and red regularly, it’s vital to address them with establishment so they don’t emerge in a photo and look thoroughly separate from your face. “Just prepare your ears with a similar base that you spread onto to your composition, that way your whole application is consistent and you look immaculate.”

5. Contour to your face with a become flushed brush to include edges –Molding is tied in with pointing out your best highlights and shadowing the ones you would prefer not to feature. “Utilizing a become flushed brush, which applies the matte bronze all the more straightforwardly to your skin, clears the recipe along your hairline, over your sanctuaries, under your cheekbones, and on the underside of your jawline to give your face a more rakish appearance.”

6. Add become flushed for unpretentious measurement — particularly in case you’re not a fanatic of bronze – Become flushed can likewise be utilized to make form and shape the face. “Regardless of the possibility that the photograph is high contrast, to become flushed on your cheekbones, despite everything you’ll have the look of definition. Simply pick a shade that is somewhat darker and startling — not your normal delicate ruddy pink — with the goal that it flies on camera.” To apply it legitimately, she says to “tidy your become flushed brush over the cheek shading, tap off any overabundance if it’s a powder, grin, and afterward tenderly range the redden over the apples of your cheeks out toward the highest point of your ear, ceasing before your hairline.”, a powder that suits any skin tone, since it doesn’t have any dark colored, orange, or red connotations, which is make it all around complimenting.

Review: Seamless Glance Rendered By Isha Shukla On My Engagement

engagement pic

Whether it’s engagement or wedding, it always requires lots of efforts as there is huge to prepare from venue to catering, guests staying, wedding shopping and what not! Makeup and bridal look requires a different attention as we have to look the best on such a special day of our life. When my engagement dates were out, our preparations were in full swing.

Selecting my engagement outfit wasn’t the difficult task for me, but makeups are tricky and requires huge attention and knowledge. Beauty professionals of best unisex salon in Lucknow give me a huge relief as all I do was informing them about the look which I am wishing for and they just perform the awesome job. Also, just a day before my engagement, my facial skin got infected through something and there were red rashes, but the owner and makeup artist of this salon perform an awesome job through her skills such that those rashes were minimized through the home treatment told by her just in one night. In the morning few rashes were there, but through her skill and makeup style that those rashes were nowhere on my engagement day. Not only rashes got vanished, but also there was not itchiness on those rashes.

Apart from this makeup applied was of the best quality, and didn’t have any side effect on my skin as she preferred for using herbal and natural makeup products so that situation doesn’t get worse. For rendering me this embellishing look, she firstly  moisturize my skin and applied a well matched herbal foundation to my skin, then for giving me a seamless look she applied concealer that matches well with my skin tone and foundation cream. After this, she glamorize my look with peach colored makeup, which was complimenting my engagement dress really well. The makeup so applied so efficiently and flawlessly that that not only covered up my rashes but also given me the mesmerizing look on my engagement day.

Create Your Personality In More Modify Way


I can’t express gratitude toward Isha Shula enough to do such a splendid activity on my wedding cosmetics. Who to decide for such an errand, was a major choice as I don’t for the most part wear a great deal of makeup and my worry was that I’d wind up resembling an alternate individual. I additionally have awful blend skin, which I battle with myself. My brain was totally and completely comforted when I had my trial, as not just had makeup artist in Lucknow thought of everything, including the shading plans of the wedding, the season and setting, she likewise influenced me to look stunning. She tuned in to me and didn’t simply do what she thought would be ideal, in spite of the fact that she had superb thought’s as well.

I likewise ought to have organized a major night out from that point onward, as it appeared to be such a disgrace to simply go home looking so spectacular. Isha utilizes just the best items and I would love a cosmetics sack brimming with them. I was likewise sufficiently fortunate to have cosmetics craftsman as a visitor at my wedding and she was even sufficiently sweet to change my look, for the night gathering.

I am feeling so fortunate to have the best cosmetics craftsman for my wedding, as I was looking additionally charming. She is extremely fabulous cosmetics craftsman, who did the enchantment through her brushes. That is the motivation behind why we are thinking about her to be the best cosmetics craftsman, her work simply does enchantment on anybody confront and draws out an immaculate identity. Completely happy with her work, which she does on me. A magnificent craftsman who make enchantment on any individual who goes in her salon for cosmetics or any sort of makeover.

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