Get Premier Makeup Services At IMB Based On Your Skin Type & Shape


Good looks greatly influence the personality and confidence of the person. A person who is well updated with current beauty and makeup trends has great effects on people’s mind and is able to express a good impression on the people. IMB works by keeping these things in mind, as a beauty service provider we focus on extending best beauty service to our clients.

While providing beauty service our beauty professional focus on our client’s skin type and facial structure so that they could be able to provide an alluring look to our client which is expected from us. Professional makeup artist in Lucknow would like to specify the manner in which we render our beauty service to our customers. We are right now specifying on eye-makeup:

  • While providing eye makeup our beauty artist focus on eye shape of our client as makeup applying manner changes in terms of shape of the eye. We analyze whether the client’s eye is deep set, mono-lid, hooded, upturned, down-turned or whatever!
  • If you have wide set eyes, then beauty professional of unisex salon in Lucknow will contour your eye with neutral matte color and while applying mascara they will brush your inner corner lashes towards the nose. This type of makeup will compliment your eyes.
  • If our client is having a mono-lid eye shape, then with this type of eye smoky eye makeup suits best. Firstly makeup artist in Lucknow line the entire eye with your favorite eyeliner brand. Using brush we blend it out and finally give it shimmery touch.
  • If customer is having downturned eye we apply eye makeup in upward direction which the better look to downturned eye.
  • Many eye look could be opted if the person is having upturned eye shape but experimenting with colored mascara and liner is the best.

In all these ways the professional makeup artist of this beauty salon only does the makeup which best suit to our client based on their skin type, color and shape.


Have Convenient & Embellishing Airbrush Bridal Makeup At IMB


Having an amazing bridal makeup is what every bride wants. Every girl has lots of dreams regarding this special day of her life, bridal look is one of them. IMB beauty salon ensures our bride-to-be to have your dreamy bridal look by us. Our professional beauty artists are mastered with their beauty skills and they have not only have mastered them but also are well versed with trendy techniques of makeup and its application. Makeup by airbrush is also one of such trendy technique of applying makeup. Best bridal makeup artist in Lucknow would like to specify some benefits of airbrush bridal makeup:


  • Bridal makeup provided through airbrush has a long stay. Airbrush makeup is generally silicon based and so our brides can enjoy their wedding without any worry about makeup.
  • When airbrush bridal makeup is provided to our brides by professional makeup artist in Lucknow we can ensure that makeup by this technique are water proofs so if your tears are shredding due to sadness of leaving your parents you don’t have to worry about makeup.
  • Brides can have much better and flawless makeup through airbrush as compare to manual makeup as through airbrush makeup is applied more evenly.
  • Makeup done by airbrush is less heavy and minimal as this makeup is sprayed and not brushed but gives you embellishing bridal look.
  • Makeup done through this technique at best unisex salon in Lucknow gives you much better and alluring HD wedding photographs.

So what are you thinking of? Book IMB now for your adorable airbrush bridal makeup and have best look of your life!

Balanced Your Skin With Best Professional


Your professional makeup artist in Lucknow will know how to apply your cosmetics to suit your specific photograph shoots lighting and subject. The picture takers, lighting and style will change how your cosmetics will interpret on camera. Delicate regular light will require diverse cosmetics, at that point more exact or differentiated studio lighting. Lighting influences hues and tones, your confronts’ shapes and edges, and skin surface. Appropriate cosmetics will guarantee that none of these subtle elements are lost when your photograph is taken.


A picture taker will know how to legitimately light and photo a subject so your cosmetics seems normal, keeping all the detail and nature of the work done. At the point when a picture taker is taking your photograph – whether as a model, for a cosmetic/marvel battle, or for a way of life photographs, for example, your family photographs – a well done proficient cosmetics application is fundamental. Legitimately connected cosmetics will reflect light in the correct spots, adding accentuation to your best elements. A well made cosmetics application will likewise limit any modifying that should be done after creation.


On the off chance that you are a picture taker who shoots excellence, publicizing or business work, believing your makeup artist in Lucknow abilities will create the best last item. Guaranteeing a cheerful customer. Discover a makeup artist who you know has a sharp eye for detail and flawlessness. These sorts of employments require the skin to look faultless while as yet holding all the detail.

Ultimate Indulgent Hair Styling By IMB

3 days

Having curly hairs was a huge problem for me when it comes to hair style. I was attending my sister’s wedding and I wanted to try a completely ‘different look’. For that I came up with an idea of straitening my hairs for this I went to IMB as I heard that she is expert in ‘rebonding’.

I met with Isha Shukla to know about the process and side effects connected with this process. She sincerely listens to my concerns and then tries to clear my doubts. Firstly I asked her about the duration till when these straight hairs will long after I asked her about the process of re bonding. Professional makeup artist in Lucknow listened to me patiently and then answered me that it true that hairs are damaged by re bonding but it depends on the type of products you use in the process. If the products are of renowned company, well tested or herbal products then it doesn’t harm your hairs. Then she showed me products she used during re bonding and showed me the tested result of those products. After which I was satisfied and had re bonding.


Makeup artist in Lucknow performed her job efficiently, after getting re bonding my hairs doesn’t have any side effects or damage. My hairs were smooth, shinny and straight- the way I wanted and I loved and enjoyed clicking selfies with those hairs.

Best part was that after re bonding Isha clearly explains me how to take care of my hairs which helps me in maintaining the quality of my hairs.

Male Grooming Facility By IMB


In spite of being a male I wanted to get rid of pimple problems and have an astonishing look on my wedding day. IMB being a unisex salon provided me with this opportunity. Male beautician of this salon had provided me with their satisfactory services and the beauty treatments which they provided me remove the pimples from my cheeks magically and given me clear skin.

IMB is a unisex salon in Lucknow, which are very limitedly present in the city given me their assurance to treat my pimples in medicated way. They introduced me to a skin care physician, who cleared me a reason for getting pimple or acne problems at this age and suggests some special the beauty treatment which was given by IMB. In this way with help of regular beauty treatments and medication I was able to regain my original skin texture which was free from these skin problems.


Makeup artist in Lucknow also provided me with a slight of makeup which had given skin glow on my D-day and I had a extra charm on that day which was also visible on my wedding album.

Thus the artists of IMB are highly sincere towards their duty and they give reasonable and correct beauty treatments to their customers by consulting a skin doctor, which is a great relief for their customers.

Glitter Your Wedding With IMB Makeup


There are few individuals who establish a lasting connection at the forefront of your thoughts. For my wedding I hunt over the web down the unisex salon, I found the IMB salon. They made me look completely dazzling for my wedding and they merit each piece if trust and confidence that I had put into them. They are completely proficient and comprehended me as a man and she brushes strokes just to make the enchantment.

They are one of only a handful couple of unisex salon in Lucknow who utilize the world class items as well as go the additional mile to guarantee you resemble a princess. The nature of their work is immaculate, they knew precisely what I needed and in particular, they made me feel quiet sitting on the seat particularly around then when I required it the most.


It’s said that all ladies get the best sparkle of their unique day; I give full credit to them for my exceptional gleam. Professional makeup artist in Lucknow made me look completely delightful in my Sangeet and on my wedding. Both the looks were changed in Sangeet were combined the western and Indian look and the wedding look was quite recently great.

They made me look and feel totally beautiful on my wedding each and every individual came up to me to reveal to me how well was my look done. This is the first run through when I have given over me to somebody for cosmetics and hair. They are awesome help all through, ideal for giving recommendations about my skin sort, confront structure and hair mind.

Beauty Enhancing Treatments By IMB


Weddings are big and beautiful turning point of life and everyone wants to have a dazzling look on this special day. Beauty salons are for this reason only, they enhance your beauty with some special care and concern.

I was formerly taking some beauty services from IMB before my wedding and I was satisfied with their services, but booking them for as a professional bridal makeup artist in Lucknow was a big decision for me. This was because I wanted to look my best on my wedding day, although I wouldn’t want to go to any superfluously famous beauty salon, but I wanted my beauty artist to provide me proper and real assistance in looking awesomely beautiful on this special day, and IMB had provided me with such assistance.


The beauty tips that were given to me prior to my wedding worked really well for me. I was suffering from dark circle under eye and wanted them to get off before my wedding. So, the best bridal makeup in Lucknow came up with some natural beauty tips and some special massage treatments with a healthy diet which work wonderfully on my skin. Regular massages which I took with them were really relaxing and refreshing for my skin.

Thus, these pre wedding beauty care taken by a unisex salon in Lucknow gapes my skin beauty which was stimulating on my wedding day. Bridal makeup done by them was enhancing my beauty of that special day.

Skilled Hands Of IMB Renders Ravishing Look


After my engagement dates were out, we get busy with preparations for that. Either they are weddings or any other occasions, preparations are vast and demands lots of efforts- from all the arrangements to dressing up and presenting yourself in an effective way.

Selecting a perfect outfit for my engagement party was not a difficult task for me, but choosing a beauty salon with skilled makeup artist in Lucknow really was a task for me. This is because of the reason that I had acne prone skin, so I wanted a makeup artist having deep beauty knowledge and skills. Isha Shukla proved to be the best option for this. Her tremendous beauty skills had changed my entire engagement look.


When I told her about my acne problem, she gives me assurance that makeup wouldn’t have any bad effects on it.  She uses herbal and natural products which don’t harm my skin. She applied a layer of moisturizer first and then applies foundation well matched with my skin tone. After that she applied concealer that matches skin tone and of course foundation cream well. Being a professional makeup artist in Lucknow applied peach color which not only hide my acne but also suits my skin well. She applies a blusher with a lightly handled hand, and a pinch of powder on my cheeks.

This special makeup done by Isha Shukla considering my acne problem was a great experience and shows how talented and skilled people can give you embellishing look.

Glorifying Look Provided By IMB

KSR_0515Like every other girl I wanted to look my best on my engagement day party. I wanted a sober look on this day that suits well to my bright outfit. The salon IMB’s owner listen to me well and provide me with some extra professional service that enhances my beauty.

As a professional makeup artist in Lucknow Isha Shukla suggested me to go for some simple look that was suiting me the best at my engagement day and was stimulating the beauty of my dress. The makeup she applied on me was of simple and was glorifying my look, she blush my cheeks with pink shade and put eyeliner which was of similar shades to my eyes. She beautifies my lips by covering them with pink and lavender shade with some glossy touch. The overall look which came out was really awesome and electrifying.


The makeup was giving me ravishing look, which was sparking my engagement photographs. The makeup service which I get at IMB was really satisfying as it was boosting my looks on my special day. The artists working at unisex salon in Lucknow are cooperating and provide with their best possible assistance.

Thus I really enjoyed the makeup service provided by them, as everyone around was praising my look and makeup.

Perfect Combination of Beauty and Elegance with Unisex salon

The IMB in Lucknow is the special case which gave me the eminent touch of the wedding cosmetics. It’s getting very nearly one month to my wedding despite everything I recall those minutes that I have gone through with the unisex salon in Lucknow in their excellence sessions. Like other custom that occurred in my wedding, it had a feeling that it’s one of their parts.

unisex salon in lucknow

I didn’t have such a variety of blemishes in my skin, yet when it got the touch of their imaginative work, it got definitely sprout and trust me individuals rather than congrats for my wedding service, they complimented for my cosmetics all through the whole function. They were putting questions like “from where you have such cosmetics? Have you charged high for that? Will you give me their contact subtle elements and numerous things? The more they were asking, the more I feel uncommon and grateful to the Isha professional makeup artist.

The warmth of their work was so much that I continued informing everybody concerning them in my entire function. Next morning when I woke up I have discovered a similar surface and a similar quality that was on the previous evening. There is no imperfection over the surface of my face. It was only the interest of their work. I am applauding their work since I had their first administration. Initial introduction is the last impression and here this quote is superbly suited on IMB. I will dependably be grateful to them for making my big day a great deal more vital.

makeup artist in lucknow

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